Behind the Scenes of My Writing Day

I don’t know about you, but I love the “behind the scenes” of a movie. It’s fascinating to me to know what went on to make the movie what it was, the makeup, the hair, the props.

I have five of the six movie books for The Hobbit.  And while I was disappointed with the movies, I still love the books, reading what it took to make costumes, the landscape, and best of all, weapons.

Fun fact. Did you know they used yak hair to make the dwarves wigs? Yak hair is stiff and was the consistency they wanted for the dwarves’ hair.

Today, I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look of my writing day — what goes on to make my day successful, and hopefully, productive.  


When do you write?

I usually write in the early morning, about eight to ten o’clock. That is when I’m most alert, energized and ready to pound on my keys.  I can write at night, but by then I’m tired and my writing is not nearly as good — I usually end up erasing it all the next day!

Here is my desk, every square inch covered in writing books. And yes, Rey (my cat), is usually there. I’ve learned to work around her and though she’s always usually in the way, I actually find I write better when she’s around. #mybaby


I rarely write anywhere else other than my room. It stays too hot in the south to write outside, and my house too noisy to write in the living room. 


Paper or computer?

I must admit, I love the idea of writing a book in a journal. The idea of having my story between the covers of a journal is thrilling, but alas, not for me. I know Nadine did it for her upcoming novel, Fawkes, and I found that so cool.

Character sheets, summaries, my synopsis (you, know, all that good stuff) I write on paper,  my actual story I  type on my computer.

Usually while typing, an idea pops into my head, which I frantically write on the first scrap of paper I come across. This has resulted in dozens of small scraps of paper in my story binder, but there is organization in the chaos.


Is there a special ritual you have before you write?

YES! I always (get it? always) take a smell of my House of the Wise candle from In the Wick of Time. Ravenclaw is my house and it’s bookish and writerly and all things me.




Food or drink?


Coffee is definitely a must, and when I sit down to write, l like to have a cup of my favorite flavor, Folgers Simply Vanilla, **whispers, it’s all natural, nothing artificial.** 

Then I pour that vanilla goodness into my favorite coffee cup. 



As far as actual food, I rarely eat a snack while I write. Not only does Rey try to eat it, but eating distracts me from actually writing. And then my fingers get dirty which gets on the keyboards, so yeah, I don’t eat. On the rare occasion I do, I usually eat Lay’s Poppables Honey BBQ Chips.


20180516_101231.jpgI’m insanely happy with how this picture turned out.

After a good writing day, I do reward myself with pizza. Or seafood gumbo. But since pizza is cheaper, it’s usually pizza.



Sometimes the only music I listen to is Rey’s theme on repeat. Other times it’s a mixture of these beauties, the best of best soundtracks. I hope one day to add the Maleficent soundtrack to this collection, because that movie had some awesome music.



Sometimes I even blast Taylor Swift. *runs and hides* Sometimes it’s just a Taylor Swift kind of day and she helps me focus on my writing. You’ve heard writers are weird, I’m living proof.


What is near the place you write?

Besides my writing books and binder, there is distraction in the form of Pinterest. Pinterest is the bane of my existence. I need my story board open to help me write, but having it open is also, as we say down here, giving the devil a foothold.

I’m addicted to Pinterest and love having boards for everything under the sun and making it aesthetically pretty. If I let time get away from me, I can spend hours on it. **epic fail.**

I wonder if the creators of Pinterest knew this way back when and sat around the table laughing through their teeth. Yes, I am a strange person.

I try to also keep my finished novels in sight, so when I get discouraged, I can see them and say, “it can be done, just push a little harder.” And, you know, close Pinterest. 



**disclaimer. My books are NOT published. I just had LuLu print them for me. Check out Katie Grace’s post on how to do that here.

So there you go. That’s what goes on behind the scenes of writing my book. So how about you? Any special process you do? Anything you eat? Let’s chat in the comments. 

write on, rebecca


Finding Time to Write

Today’s post is going to be short, because I’m sick #notfun. But it is a valid excuse to read and watch all my favorite movies.

But on a happy note, this Louisiana girl got snow yesterday……. six inches in fact! And yes, I was in it, no I should not have been.  😊


So of course, when it’s snowing and cold outside, you make seafood gumbo. Yum.



On with today’s post.

Finding time to write can be hard, especially when you’re in high-school, college and/or have a job.  For most, but not all writers, writing is not a full-time job.

So, among our busy schedules (especially in this busy Christmas season) how can we find time to do what we love most?


Set a time every day to commit to write

It only takes 3 weeks to build a habit. Pick a time of the day that works best for you. Are a morning person? Write when you wake up. Are you a night owl? Write at night. Set an alarm to write at that time and stick to it. Life gets in the way, and sometimes you won’t be able to write, just make sure you try to get back on schedule the next day. 


Use your time wisely

This is something I was told growing up, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found how true it is. Cut out any pointless actives and use that time to write. Going on Pinterest relaxes me and I enjoy it. But that time could be better used writing the story of my heart. I’m not bashing free time. We all have those times we just need to clear our mind and, as they say, “stop and smell the roses,”  but Pinterest can quickly suck you in and you spend more time on there then you meant too.  Cut out any time you spend on pointless things and use that time to write.


Clean Your Desk

A messy desk can steer you away from your writing space…. I’ve experienced this myself. Clutter, clutters the mind. Cleaning your desk daily is something that will aid you in order to make time to write. When your desk is clean, it’ll be peaceful and relaxing, allowing your mind to churn out the words.



So how about you? How do you make time in your day to write?

Have any of you gotten snow?!

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