Shadowkeeper Release and Interview

Who can’t resist a good myth retelling?

Fairy tale retellings are the “in” thing right now,  and don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but myths have always been my jam. When I was seven years old and studying the Greeks and Romans, I soaked up the myths like a sponge, loving the stories, and just falling in love with the culture of the Romans and the Greeks — something I still adore to this day. 

If you’re like me, you’re in luck. My friend, Hope Ann, released a novella Monday, inspired not by one, but by TWO myths Add it to your TBR pile– you don’t want to miss this one — it’s Rebecca beta-tested and approved. 🙂 



Death can die as easily as any other man.

Cedra has kept her sister safe for years. None of that changes just because Pethra got herself kidnapped by Death himself.

Claiming the questionable aid of Death’s weary older brother, the Shadowkeeper, Cedra forces her way through mist and shadows in pursuit of her hapless sister. But Death wants much more than he has revealed.

A wish that will splinter her and Pethra’s world no matter what she chooses: death, or a chain.

Loosely inspired by the stories of Hades and Persephone and Castor and Pollux, Shadowkeeper will sweep you into a world of wavering mists, shadowy passages, and the love of two siblings fastening them with ties stronger than Death himself.


~ Interview ~

What inspired Shadowkeeper?
One evening, my best friend and I were talking about mythology, what ifs, and ourselves—basically placing ourselves in the situations and what we would do. The two stories we interwove with this conversation was Hades and Persephone and Castor and Pollux. From that conversation came this story.

How long did it take you to write Shadowkeeper?
The rough draft too… three weeks? It was part of NaNo and would have been after, except I ended up ditching the first few chapters and restarting, because the voice wasn’t working. Editing and beta reading included, it is my fastest project yet and took around two and a half months to write and publish.

Do you have a favorite character?
Hard to say. Halcion, perhaps. He was a lot of fun—the world-weary brother of Death himself. He also underwent the most transformation from draft to draft, turning into the lovable but somewhat tortured character he is now.

When were you first published?
At the beginning of 2016, I believe.

Do you have a special place that you write?
Normally at my desk in my room, but anywhere it is quiet, really. Now that it’s winter and cold, I’ll sometimes write at the dining room table with headphones on.

Thanks for stopping by Hope! 


You can find Shadowkeeper here.

And because we all love Pinterest boards, here is the one for Shadowkeeper


B1bZ4qbZT1S._SY200_Hope Ann likes to think herself a dragon-riding, griffin-taming founder of worlds and explorer of legends. Using chocolate, she bribes a wide ring of spies, from the realm leapers of Aslaria to the double agents of Elkbend, for their stories. She thrives on frost, steel, and the tears of her readers which she secretly mixes into iced coffee. Deep in her hobbit hole, her actual life involves staying up too late writing, reading, researching stab wounds, and struggling to remember the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’. Based in Indiana, she is the self-published author of the Legends of Light series. Hope Ann helps other writers as a personal writing coach and is the Communications Coordinator at Story Embers. You can find out more about her at


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