The Month of February

I started to write my end-of-the-month post last week, and realized that February still had some days left to her; February always gets short-changed because she’s such a short month. 

It’s finally warming up a little here, though the South usually skips spring and chugs right into summer. We’ve had some pretty days though, and I took advantage of one the other day to write outside.  It was so invigorating. Fresh air does wonders for your creativity and clears your mind. Take advantage of these spring days my friends before summer hits.

I rewatched the first five Harry Potter movies this month; watching that much TV in a month is a feat in and of itself for me. I hadn’t seen them in a year and felt I was pretty much due. Even though the books are always (ha! see what I did there?) better, the movies have a magic all their own that I love to go home to once in a while.


The World of Writing

I got my first rejection letter this month. Technically it was an email, but my first ever submission was rejected. And you know what? That’s okay. John Otte said you need to write a million words before you consider publishing, and I’m pushing forward to meet that and be the best writer I can be. 

I’ve struggled with Ashes Like Frost, not only because of sickness (yay wisdom teeth surgery) but I was at a place where I was stuck. I knew what I wanted to happen, but wasn’t sure how to write it. Then I accidentally threw away a scene I had written down on notebook paper. 

But after blood, sweat, tears, and more tears, I made it through three difficult scenes, and now I’m a t a place where I can just go full speed ahead.

February was a month of growing for me in that I learned to get going even when it hurts and to pound those keys till my fingers crack and bleed. Because I have a story that I love and it’s worth fighting for.


The World of Reading


The Princess Academy [3/5]  – I’ve heard great things about The Princess Academy, and went into it with great expectations, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.  I found the dialogue rather dry, and the whole quarry speech thing annoyed me. My lack of love for it may be because I’m reading it as a young adult, so don’t let my bad review sway you from trying it yourself. 



So two years ago I inherited my parents’ old room, and its three closets. For the most part, the third closet collected junk, junk I didn’t know what to do with and had no time to take care of.  It was easy to shut the door and pretend it didn’t exist.

That all changed last year when I read Marie Kondō’s, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, rolled up my sleeves and had a massive clean out, leaving me with an empty closet. 

And I obsessed over that wasted space and what I could do with it (I blame HGTV for my never ending desire to stage and use everything efficiently). Then it came to me — why not put book shelves in there and make a little library? 

I got to work, taking out the shelves (actually I bribed brothers to do that) and puttied the holes. Then I painted, and it turned out better than I could have hoped. Thank goodness Youtube tutorials exist.


                            You know what color I used? Ocean Silk 😊

I literally can not get over how pretty it is. I still have this many books in my room itself, and it’s hard to see how I was even able to walk when these were still in the room. 


How was February for you?



                                                                           Write on,




My Day as a Logophile

Hello my friends. I hope you are having a lovely Saturday so far. Today, I’m going to be giving you a sneak peak into my life as a logophile. If you haven’t already Googled it, a logophile is someone who has a love of words. Not your everyday word such as “pizza” (which is still good by the way) but words such as…..

Irrupt; to rush in forcible or violently
Lorn; lost, ruined, or undone
Eldritch; eerier; weird, spooky
Gerful; wild and wayward
Tristful; deeply, yet romantically melancholy
Cockalorum; a small man with a big opinion of himself
Hobbledehoy; an awkward teenager


Aren’t those last two hilarious?

It’s fascinating to me to find a word that sums you up perfectly. Just the other day I found the word thalassophile. which means a lover of the sea. And you know what? That is me, I am a thalssophile. You can also use these unique words to make an impressive profile.



Previously, I had been saving words to a Pinterest board, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to do something with these words besides save them to a board I will rarely log into to look account.  I had to do something special, down to the very pen I used. Recently, I was gifted with a fountain pen by my lovely cousin.

0207181909a.jpg(for those of you who saw my post on social media that it was my aunt, it was really my cousin– there was a miscommunication.)


I’d been wanting a Ravenclaw journal for a long time, so I used this as an excuse to finally buy one. 🙂 


Now, you can’t write in a Ravenclaw journal with just any ink, you need blue. So, I bought that, too. 😉 





The Process

use.jpg(The pen is mightier than the sword)


First, I open my word board on Pinterest or someone else’s on Pinterest. 



I choose ones that stand out to me, regards of whether I love them or not. Then I copy them into my journal. I love the way my fountain pen writes, and how it looks on paper. I take my time to make my writing as neat as possible, and I love the connection I feel with the pen, ink, and the words that pour out of them.


The Final Product


Old Pages




This is how I relax at night, three days a week. This is my chance to breathe and create. I have unique words in my head I can use in my writing, or I can just grab my journal and search for just the one I need.

The cool thing about all this? I’m a Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaws love to learn, which is me in a nutshell. When I’m writing words in my Ravenclaw journal with the blue ink and fountain pen, I feel very Harry Potterish (yes that’s a word, I invented it).

Talk my friends. Is there any special writing thing you do?

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