News & An Update

Hey guys. How’s everyone in the writing world? I’ve come out my Hobbit-hole of studying Psychology (a subject I would dearly love to throw into Mount Doom) to give some exciting news.

About two months ago, I filled out an application to be a board member for Illuminate YA (an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas). I have found out that I was accepted! I am so excited. 🙂 I’ll read and evaluate YA books that are in the process of publication, vote on potential book covers, and contribute marketing ideas, among other things.

My position will only be for a year, but I’m so excited for the opportunity and experience this will bring. A double bonus is that Tessa Emily Hall is involved in this, and I admire her and her writing a lot. You can read my review on her book Unwritten Melody here.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to see the Beauty and the Beast movie with my mom, so I’ll definitive give you a review on it.

I went shopping Tuesday, and bought….














My Little Mermaid retelling is at 44,057 words. I’m making plans to start cooking with Caribbean style food to get a taste of the culture. Marissa Meyer inspired me to do this, as it is what she did while writing Scarlet.

I’m also working on a short story to submit to Splickety which I’ve sent into the hands of friends. *cringes* Such a hard thing to do, but it’s also a good feeling, because I trust and love my friends and want to hear their opinion. I know I put my baby into good hands. 😊

I’m also getting my writing polished for the OYAN Summer Workshop, and for my appointment with Steve Laube *cringes again.* So I’m one busy girl whose head is near to bursting with many things to do.

Currently Reading (in my few spare minutes): Winter and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. I’m re-reading the first two Harry Potter books just to see Jim Kay’s illustrations (which by the way, are gorgeous). Who else likes to read books just to take in the pictures?

So what’s up in your neck of the woods? I love to hear from my readers!


Quote Challenge: Day 2

Today is day two in the quote challenge that Hope tagged me in.I have really enjoyed it so far, because I get to share with you my favorite quotes.

So without further ado…………

More Lord of the Rings quotes

I tried to be calm and only post a few. 🙂

A day may come when I stop posting Lord of the Rings quotes!


But it is not this day!

P.S. Tomorrow I will try my best not to post Tolkien related quotes.




Quote Challenge: Day 1

So Hope from the blog  Writing in the Light tagged me for the Three Day Quote Challenge.


  • Thank the person who nominated you (thank you for tagging me Hope. I shall now spam everyone’s inboxes with Lord of the Rings quotes.)
  • Nominate 3 new bloggers
  • Post a new quote everyday for 3 consecutive days

Today’s quotes, are, you guessed it. Tolkien quotes. I was introduced to Tolkien’s world at an early age and I loved the books so much and still do.  I love the hope,courage, friendship, love, and sacrifice that is portrayed. And whenever I need hope or courage I go and read those passages or say them aloud to myself, because I can say them by heart. 






Doesn’t this make you want to cry buckets of tears?



Doesn’t this speech just get your blood going?



While not necessarily a quote or speech these two words are powerful, and so they made it in my selection.


And now I tag:

Erudessa at The Flowering Vales

Sarah at On Another Note

Gillian at Gillian Adams


P.S. I know I posted more than one quote, but there are too many good Lord of the Rings quotes.

And this is my blog…(insert smirk) and like I said, I shall spam you with Lord of the Rings quotes.

You are welcome.

But one does not simply have Lord of the Rings quotes without something from the Hobbit (insert another smirk)


Photo credit for this lovely picture edit goes to Hope




Top 10 Villains


AuthoressofLight tagged me to list my top ten favorite villains.

Sounds like fun! So here goes…….



Here are the rules:

  1. Post the button
  2. Thank and link the blogger who tagged you. (Thanks, authoressoflight!)
  3. Post a list of your top ten villains (along with honorable mentions if you want to go that far)
  4. Tag ten other bloggers (this is one rule I fear I’ll break, as I don’t really have anyone to tag.  If you are a reader with a blog, just consider yourself tagged and post in the  comments that you did so.)


This post shall be a mixture of those villains I cannot stand, and those I like, because, admit it, writers and movie producers show us a villain and craft him in such a way that we like him, and maybe end up cheering for him instead of the hero.  ABC’s Once Upon a Time does a pretty good job of doing this. The BBC does this do. And folks, it works.



10.  Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time. Rest assured, Peter is not a favorite villain.  I cannot stand him. Like, at all.  He was pretty cruel and smug. But there was something about his way of speaking that could mesmerize you.



9.  Wickham comes in at nine. I don’t like him either. Wickham is pretty creepy.  Here, the movie producers have Wickham play the, feel sorry for me I’ve been mistreated card.  This worked on me the first time I watched the movie (I had not yet read the book) and it worked on Elizabeth, too.



8.  The White Witch from Narnia. Enough said. She’s not a favorite. No explanation needed.  She is crafty, and gets Edmund on her side at first. Tilda Swinton did a good job in her role and her acting was brilliant. 



7.  No one likes Saurman, no one likes a traitor. Sir Christopher Lee did a very good job in his acting the part of a villain.  In The Hobbit movies, his acting was brilliant again, because we know that at this time he was turning traitor. 



6.  Coming in at six is Moriarty. You had to have known he would make this list. Moriarty. He is creepy. He is funny. And yet, the BBC has crafted him to where  he is a villain you like.  I’m not so sure I’m on board with this, but yeah, he makes this list.  Andrew Scott does a very good job of playing his character.



5.  Rumpelstiltskin.  Again, some one who you had to know would make this list. He is defiantly creepy and so funny.  You probably liked him before you learned his backstory. Here, ABC did a good job of getting you to like the villain. I liked Rumple up until season 4 of OUAT, which is where I currently am.  Rumple is really making me mad, so I don’t really like him anymore. We will see what happens, but Rumple plays the part of the villain, but expects to be rewarded like a hero.



4.   Vortigern form Merlin’s Blade.  I mean, he killed the High King, so he is really a nasty guy.  King Arthur is one of my favorite parts of England’s history, so I have a lots of reason not to like this character. But for some reason, I sort of like him and the character he has played. Now, granted, I have only read the first book but still…..



3. Kylo Ren. This villain, I like as well.  With the little you see of Kylo Ren, you feel sorry for him.  I like this villain and Adam Driver’s amazing acting made me like his character even more.

 Adam Driver


2. Cobeld from The Remedy by Serena Chase.  He is a well written character who also plays the feel sorry for me card. I fell for him when Rynnaia first met him…that is until I learned who he really was.  But he is still a well-written villain. And as no Hollywood producer has made these wonderful books into movies, for this villain I have to post the book cover. I have a board on Pinterest for these books, but I have not found a picture yet to do Cobeld justice. At least, not as how I picture him.



1. Coming in first is Captain Hook.  Hook was a villain in the early seasons of Once Upon a Time.  A dashing rapscallion pirate villain, that yes, I liked.  Who, by the way,  is devilishly handsome. Currently where I’m at in season 4, he isn’t a villain anyone. That may change,  (no spoilers please!) but for now,  Killian is a former likable villain of mine. And I like him even better for his character change.




Picture Sources:  Peter Pan, Wickham, Moriarty, Saurmon, Rumple, Kylo RenKillian Picture in Collage, Killian, White Witch


Behind the Scenes Writer’s Tag

I was tagged by my friend, Hope, for behind the scenes writer’s tag. Here goes!

~Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?

Only when I hit a road block. Then I walk about my room talking to myself and eating till the light bulb comes on.

~When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?

I used to write in the afternoon. But now I write from ten o’ clock to midnight.

~ Where do you write?

In my bedroom or the living room when everyone is in bed.

~ How often do you write a new novel?

I get new ideas every couple of months. I keep jumbo journals for each idea. When I think of something for that idea, I write it in the journal. I am writing my second novel using the One Year Adventure Novel. From January to June of this year I wrote a 60,000 word novel. But it is in some sad need of editing.

~Do you listen to music while you write?

Oh yes. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sherlock. My favorite is the LOTR. The rising climax of the music helps with battle scenes.

 ~What do you write on? Laptop or paper?

My laptop.

~Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write?

Not really. I just sit down and write. 

~What do you do to get into the mood to write?

I try to get into the feeling of the words. Get into my MC head and feel what he is feeling and think what he is thinking. Listening to music helps too.

  ~What is always near the place you write?

 My desk, colored pens, and the map of my country.  

~Do you have a reward system for your word count?

Not really since I write at night. But I reward myself the next day with Pinterest, a special snack, or an episode of Once Upon a Time or Merlin. But the TV reward doesn’t happen very often. 

 ~Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about?

 I use a site called Pacemaker to help me stay on pace with my book.

I go from loving my book to hating it. Probably every writer does. But, in the memorable words of Samwise Gamgee, even darkness must past and when it does the sun will shine out all the clearer. Usually when the sun comes out I can’t type fast enough! And the reward for pushing through is usually so worth it! Writing is hard, but so worth the blood, sweat and tears!  

Picture Source