About Me

Hi, my name is Rebecca


When I was seven I stole one of my mom’s notebooks, grabbed a pen, and wrote some poems. That was the beginning of my writing career, with theft, and I haven’t stopped since. Today, I’m a pizza-making, Middle-earth loving, blogger and writer.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s funny, and even at that age I knew what I wanted to be. A writer. Along the way I’ve had some roadblocks, an example being that I was told by an adult that I couldn’t write. It hurt, a lot, and I put down my pen for a year. But the stories that meant so much to me I kept reading, but with the hurting thought that I could never write one myself.

As a young teenager, I lacked encouragement and friends, and while I have that now ten-fold, I don’t want that to be you, and that is what this blog is about. Giving you writing advice and encouragement, because you know what? You can write. And while I may not be the best blogger, my heart goes out to y’all, and I don’t want you where I was.

So, come and join this crazy cat girl who lives and breathes Tolkien, who loves the Roman Empire, who can cook a pizza to rival Chicago’s. Let’s set forth on the quest of creativity and fulfill your dreams.

You matter. You can write. You are loved.



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