Book Review: Fallen Leaves by Tessa Emily Hall

If you’ve followed me on my blog and social media enough, you know that I love Tessa Emily Hall’s blog and her books, Purple Moon and Unwritten Melody.  I’ve read both books multiple times and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I just can’t get enough of Tessa’s writing voice and the characters she creates.

So when I got my hands on an ARC of Fallen Leaves, the sequel to Purple Moon, I was thrilled. And work went neglected while I cozied up with coffee (which sadly wasn’t from Brewer’s) to continue Selena’s story.

Being from a state where the trees never change into fall colors, this book makes me long for real fall, but the cover more than makes up for that. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Selena Taylor thought her only worry this fall was starting her junior year at a new arts school in North Carolina, miles away from home. But when she finds out her mom could graduate from rehab sooner than expected even worse, she could work for her former nothing-but-trouble boss—Selena’s determined to create a new life for them. Back in her childhood Kentucky hometown.

Step one? Track down her dad and brother that she hasn’t seen in eight years. Her anxiety is put to the test, though, when she unveils a truth that could threaten her dreams. Add to that an art competition that pushes her outside of her comfort zone and a girl who seems determined to come between Selena and her hopeful boyfriend.

Soon Selena must decide whether or not to continue her search for her dad and brother. But is there any hope that the ruins of her broken family could be resurrected? And how could God possibly have a purpose in the midst of these changing seasons?

First of all, I can’t begin to say how much I loved this book. Fallen Leaves is a book that is better than its predecessor, Purple Moon, already in itself a superb book. I could hardly put it down, wanting to know what happened next with Selena.

Tessa’s writing is magnificent; the way she weaves together words is beautiful. Tessa makes the scenery come alive in a way you don’t normally find in present day books. You really feel like you’re in Brewer’s Coffee Shop (which, by the way, I really want to work in) or viewing the Blue Ridge Mountains — something I’ve yet to see in my life but Tessa makes me feel like I have.

Fallen Leaves was an excellent continuation of Selena’s story. I liked the new side of Whitney we got to see and how kind Aunt Kori was. I have a thing for kind aunts so I got a kick out of this and hope we get to see more. The plot was tight and firm—there weren’t any plot holes. Everything flowed well with Selena’s search for her father/brother, the art competition, to Kentucky, where the story left off. 

I adored Madaleigh, a new character we get to see in Fallen Leaves. Her spunk and kindness are endearing, and the wisdom that she gives Selena was often what I needed to hear myself. 

So all in all, I really, really, loved this book. It’s come at a time when I needed it most and I can’t wait to own a hard copy (or two!) of my own.

You can pre-order Fallen Leaves here



Tessa Emily Hall writes inspirational yet authentic books to show teens they’re not alone. Her passion for shedding light on clean entertainment and media for teens led her to a career as an Associate Agent at Hartline Literary Agency, YA Acquisitions Editor for Illuminate YA (LPC Imprint), and Founder/Editor of Tessa’s first teen devotional, COFFEE SHOP DEVOS, will release with Bethany House in 2018. She’s guilty of making way too many lattes and never finishing her to-read list. When her fingers aren’t flying 116 WPM across the keyboard, she can be found speaking to teens, decorating her art journals, and acting in Christian films. Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on her blog, mailing list, social media (@tessaemilyhall), and website: 

You can find Tessa here: 



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