Journaling – The Right (or Wrong) Way to Do It

Journaling for me has always been hard. Not hard as in finding the right journal (there are dozens of pretty choices out there) but hard as in actually writing. I would make a entry, and in three months make another one.

And that’s just not how journaling is supposed to work, right? You’re supposed to journal every day, even if you do something as unromantic as put butter on your toast.

I did that, and the pages of my journal would be so boring IT MADE ME CRY.

Or my journal ended up looking like a scrap book, filled with quotes, word definitions, poems and much more. And dang it, wasn’t journaling about recording when you were in the depths of despair, and when life was a perfect graveyard of buried hopes?

My friend, let me spare you hours of agony and worry and let you in on a secret I wish I had learned years ago.

**beckons you closer**

There isn’t a right or wrong way to journal. There’s only one way:

The way that works for you.

So today, I’m going to show you how I write in my journals, because there are several.

Are you imagining me saying this in a Mr. Collins’ voice, bragging about Rosings’ many staircases? (because I am. Yes, I am a nerd)  


1. The Poem Journal



I was inspired to start this by my friend, Addison. I started it in January of this year. Whenever I feel the Longfellow in me coming out (which believe me, isn’t very often) I just whip out my British journal, and I feel like an Englishman as I write out poems with my fountain pen.


2. The Word Journal


You can see my original post on this journal, here. I love words, and since Ravenclaws are witty and love to learn, this journal is perfect for this.

3. My Life

Isn’t this cover amazing??


This is where I record my frustrations, hurts and disappointments. It’s where I also try to list a few things I’m grateful for, because no matter what I’m going through, there is also something God is blessing me with. 


4. The Bible Journal

This is a journal gifted by a friend, where I record God’s promises, truths, and a thought or two from my Bible study. If I had to pick a favorite, or rescue one from a house fire, this would probably be my choice. 


5. The Quotes Journal

My grandmother bought me this one (doesn’t it look like a letter when you turn it sideways??) This is where I record quotes that stick out to me. Though I must admit, I’m bad about actually writing in this one. It’s easier to just click pins on Pinterest.😊



6. The Ideas Book 

This is where I record book and blog post ideas. Tolkien scribbled down, In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit, on a scrap of paper, but I would have lost that piece of paper, so I have a book to hold those opening lines of books that may one day become famous.

These beauties are here empty, just bursting with potential. That porg one is going to have to be used for something extra special for many reasons, and because, porgs.




There isn’t a right or wrong way to journal. Journaling is about you, recording your life story. It’s about processing your emotions, life, and writing down the beauty you see in the world. 

I like to look at it this way: journey and journal both start with the same five letters: J-O-U-R-N-. 

Journaling is all about the journey.


So how about you ? How do you journal? 

Rebecca Morgan


6 thoughts on “Journaling – The Right (or Wrong) Way to Do It”

  1. I am delighted to see someone in your generation journaling in real life journals! When I was 12 my parents divorced and I started my first journal in a black and white composition book to help process my thoughts and feelings. That was 33 years ago and I am still journaling.

    Sometimes years go by between entries and you can imagine the angst I experience knowing that so much life has passed by unrecorded! But what I have learned is that even the smallest effort to journal here and there becomes precious when looking back. The lessons that the Lord has taught me about Himself and about myself are probably the most significant (and repetitive!) themes in my journal writing. For sure, in a fire my journals are what I would grab. (They are currently in a firesafe box, lol!)

    When I became pregnant with each of my four children I began a journal for each of them. (Probably because I didn’t think there was enough guilt in my life!) Again, years go by between entries, but EVERY ENTRY is like a jewel plucked and preserved in a treasure box, to be enjoyed for generations to come. In fact, my daughter just turned 18 and we spent about an hour reading from her childhood entries while we ate cake. What fun!

    Keep writing and preserving those precious thoughts!

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  2. I love journaling. I mostly do all my ideas, quotes, journal entries and drawings all in one journal. It’s a lovely mess and It’s easier for me to have one journal to carry around with me at all times. Love your post!

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  3. I keep wanting to try journaling, but I’m terRIBLE at actually sitting down and writing in them! I loved seeing a peek into your different journals, and I might take a couple of those ideas to use in my own journaling (attempts)!

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    1. Hey, don’t worry, up until a couple of years ago, I was terrible at journaling myself. I hope my post helps and inspires you — take as many of my ideas as you like! And if you want, you can shoot me an email anytime.


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