I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends! How have you been?

I’ve missed all of y’all, but I enjoyed my break, needed my break. It was wonderful not to be pounding the keys at midnight Friday, which is what I do every week. ***epic fail.***

But I’ve come back from my hibernation refreshed, rested, and with some blog post ideas (yay, I’m ahead!)  I’m excited to share with you in the future.  

I never wrote a blog post for March, and one for April is due, so here is what I’ve been up to lately.




To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han – [0/5] I have a long rant on why I didn’t like this book, which you can find on Goodreads here.

Fairest – by Marissa Meyer [4/5] I loved Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles series, so when I had some extra money, I bought Fairest. I didn’t enjoy it and I can’t really point out why. Marissa Meyer’s writing was excellent, I just….. didn’t like it.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling — [5/5] I mean, it’s Harry Potter, enough said. This is my second (maybe third) read, and I can definitely say that The Half-Blood Prince is my second-favorite Harry Potter book, and I can’t say why, cause spoilers.  

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — [5/5] This is my favorite Harry Potter book, for so many reasons. J.K. Rowling did such a superb job wrapping everything up.  ***Gah. All the feels.**

Worlds Beneath by K.A. Emmons – [5/5] This book was so good. K.A. Emmons is a fantastic writer. I enjoyed her first book, and was thrilled to be able to read book two ahead of it’s release date. Y’all, the second book was better than the first, and I loved the page turning tension (except I was reading on my computer, but you get the point). You seriously have to read her books, there are no excuses. 



It’s that time of year again, folks. Crawfish. That southern delicacy that Louisiana does right. You haven’t tasted real crawfish till you’ve tried ours. #SouthernersDoSeafoodRight

*** They are not crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs, they are crawfish. Sponsored by the people of Louisiana for people who get the name wrong. 


I’m going to the OYAN workshop, and as always, I’m beyond excited. It’s kind of hard for me to believe this will my 5th OYAN workshop. I mean seriously, where did the time go? It’s almost a month till I leave, and it’s never too early to start packing. 


That second picture is of organic Purell. Something I was extremely ecstatic to find. 

I updated my Pinterest account to a business account. Not huge news, I know, but I love it.



I’m still in the process of redecorating my room, and here are my new book shelves. I’m insanely in love with how pretty they are. 



The World of Writing

Ashes Like Frost. 


I was a lazy scum who didn’t take prime opportunities to write, write, write. I wish it was physically possible for me to kick myself, because I would. I wrote about five thousand words in April, which may seem like a lot, but I can usually get eight-ten thousand.

You know that feeling when things you outlined months ago start to come together? When those things mesh with other characters’ stories, when you can add things that won’t jar the story? 

I have that feeling now, and it’s exciting, thrilling, and totally worth fan-girling over. Yes, I’m twenty-something years old and fan-girl. 

PastelGlamorousGerenuk-size_restricted.gif                                                                            Link

I was asked to write a review of Nadine for the OYAN newsletter which I was ecstatic to do. She is definitely my favorite author after Tolkien.


Copy of Having a Ball


How has your month been?

Chat with me in the comments?

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