The Month of January

Here we are. January is over, the first month of the new year over and gone. I don’t know about you but I’m glad January is over. It was a rough month in more ways than one–the main reason being that I had my wisdom teeth out last Friday, and I spent the majority of the month dreading that.
As the doctor’s assistants were getting me ready, they asked what I wanted to do, and I said write. The female nurse smiled real big, and exclaimed, “Wow! You may be famous one day!” To that I don’t remember responding since they had already started the aesthesia and I went under. Sometimes I feel embarrassed when people say that, especially strangers, but I blame that on my shy, introverted self. On bad writing days I just remember that a stranger thinks I can do it, and that gives me confidence.

January also had its good things. I attended the OYAN Winter Workshop (you can read my blog post on that here). I had a blast seeing Nadine again, and hearing Jenn Bailey speak.
I have no pictures, but my little corner of Louisiana got its second snowfall of this winter. That’s right, the second. Though this was mainly ice, and the road in front of my house was a solid sheet of it. My brothers and I watched 18- wheelers back up a hill rather than continue down the highway. They even had police cars out slowing down the traffic. Thankfully, no one was hurt outside our house. But I can now write about ice because I’ve experienced it. 😊


The World of Writing

Inspired by my friend Addison, I began trying to write a poem a day. I bought a special journal, and I have loved the feeling of cracking it open and writing. Some days I’m not able to write, especially this past week with my surgery, but I still feel it’s teaching me commitment and to write every day.

In my novel, I did no writing. I wanted some time away from it after coming home from the workshop. And then, horror of horrors, my computer crashed. Everything was safely backed up by Carbonite, but it was still scary.



I didn’t finish any books In January, which is very sad.


So how about you? How was your January?


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