Writing Distractions and How to Overcome Them


Distractions may be the number one thing that prevents us from writing. Anything from family, messes, pets, or neighbors can take our minds away from our project. And for me, once my train of thought is derailed, it’s hard for me to get back on track.

So how can we eliminate distractions?

One big distraction is social media. Do you go on the Internet every ten minutes to see if someone liked your post?  Write in a notebook instead of your computer. It’ll be hard, yes, and I’ll be the first to say I still struggle with this. But in the end, you’ll build discipline and a habit; and one day, you may find yourself typing on your computer without giving Facebook a thought. 

A distraction for me is Pinterest. I log in to find that one picture and thirty minutes later find myself looking up pictures of baby squirrels. One way I battled this was making these pictures on Snapfish.  All I have to do is quickly glance at them to find the inspiration I need for my WIP. 



Does a messy desk distract you? Clean it up first. I know your fingertips are just itching to touch those keys, but doing this simple step can literally help clear your mind and lets you enter into your story world without distractions. 

Create your space. You are a unique person, and your space won’t look like anyone else’s. Do you have a favorite candle? Light it when you sit down to write.  Do you have some small knick-knack that calms you? Have it on your desk. For me, that’s my cat paperweight. It brings back fond memories of Winter Workshop.

Play music. Movie soundtracks are amazing to help you relax and block out the noises of your home. Playing your favorite music can help create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Are you one of those neighbors who tends to people-watch out of your window? Keep the blinds closed or move. I live in the country off a highway, so when I find myself counting cars going by, I move to my bed or our living room.

Need a snack or drink? Have something by you on your desk so you can refresh yourself without leaving.

Feed your animal friends. One distraction for me is my cat, Rey. She bites my toes when she’s hungry, so I always make sure to feed her before I start writing!

And one tried and true way is to enter your writing with God. Do this first.  Pray for Him to help you write distraction free.


What distracts you from your writing?

How do you try to overcome it?





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