September Highlights / 2017

September is over, and I’m writing my wrap-up post.

A day late.

I had good intentions to get it done Friday, but Friday I had to take my kitten to the vet. Then yesterday I had a driving class.

But better late than never,  right? 🙂


Monthly Highlights

Nothing much happened in September. Mainly just trying to survive college and work. I did get to go to an LSU football game, so that was fun.

Registration also opened for the OYAN Winter Workshop! Much exciement and squeals. I already had everything prepared weeks ago so I was ready when I hit register. Now I just need to wait two weeks to see if I’m accepted.


Books of the Month



A Torch Against the Night [5/5} – Oh, my goodness, all the feels. I loved this book. There was lots of gasping at all the unexpected twists and turns….. and I’m usually one who sees/guesses something coming. Sabaa Tahir has amazing writing. There is a lot of sadness that book three doesn’t release till April.

Bandersnatch [3/5] — I love Tolkien, and any Tolkien fan will love this, too. It’s a great way to learn some interesting facts about Tolkien and the Inklings. I’m giving it a 3 because sometimes the book felt rather slow and repetitive.


The World of Writing

I finished my second draft of Winter and the Seven Brothers, my retelling of Snow White. I really thought I would hate doing edits, but I found them rather fun. The plan now is to do another read through and one more edit before calling it done (because who am I kidding? When is our writing ever done?)

I’ve been snowflaking Ashes Like Frost (ha, look! I made a word) using the Snowflake Method. It’s been coming along beautifully, and along the way I discovered I wanted to make it two books. Now I’m crying buckets of tears because I’m horrible at outlining and how did J.K. Rowling outline seven books?


Around the Web

Since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been keeping up with blogs, but this post by Tessa Emily Hall was really good and worth a read.


What was September like for you?

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