August Highlights

August is over.

What even?

But now I can start listening to Christmas music guilt free.

Book Things

 So. Reading this month. I was invited by my friend Rachel to participate in an August reading challenge. So I picked out twenty books to read.

*laughs nervously* 

I read three.


I was going to take a picture outside, where the lighting is much better, but the ground was wet from all the rain we’ve been getting. So here is a very bad picture because  the lighting in our house isn’t good.

Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight I give 3/5.  The books were good, and had a solid plot, I just didn’t care for some of the content. Throne of Glass was a book I bought in Olathe back in June.  I was in Half-Price-Books and a girl struck up a conversation with me on books we had read. She had read these books and loved them. She placed that book in my hands and we fan-girled over a shared loved for books. It was magical.

The Fairest Beauty I give 1/5. It was okay, I just didn’t think it was well written. 

I didn’t read Unwritten Melody in August, but my friend Tessa got her book published in paperback form (it used to be only in Kindle version) and I’m so happy for her.

And slightly happy for myself because I have a hard copy book to put beside Purple Moon.



Earlier in August I went to a friend’s wedding in Kansas. She is an OYANer and we OYANers pretty much had a takeover of her wedding. I made a new friend and had fun seeing old friends again.

At least forty of us OYANers met up at a restaurant called Spin Pizza and took over that for about two hours. It was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. But I’m home now, and we do not have Spin Pizzas.

I started a new job! I work in the afternoons at a local private school’s after care. I’ve never been busier or more tired, but I’m enjoying it. My days are filled and rich, and I’m meeting new people and making new friends.

I saw Moana for the first time. Definitely give this a 5/5. Moana loves the sea just as much as I do and I can relate to her on many levels. Moana has become my favorite animated Disney movie. I have spent my days singing How Far I’ll Go and enjoying myself.

And did you know that Moana is of Maori and Hawaiian origin, and means “ocean; deep sea?” This made the fan-girl in me extremely happy. *adds name to list for future children.*

I went to the theater and saw Dunkirk with my family. I had sat down for five minutes when I spilled my coke all over my lap.


Besides this unfortunate mishap, I did enjoy the movie. You find my review here.


I finished my first novel—my retelling of The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pirate.  Before me now lies that beast called editing.


I’m trying to let it sit for 6-8 weeks before I start editing, but I REALLY want to start now.

My next book, Ashes and Frost, is one I’ve been planning for the past week and having SO MUCH fun doing.

How was August for you?

Read anything good?

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