The Epic Journey

Four days ago, on August 23rd,  I finished my first novel, my retelling of The Little Mermaid.  

I know, I’m four days late— I’m a horrible blogger.

I’ve told everyone, had pizza and more pizza. I’ve had LuLu print it for me, and I’m already planning what edits I want to do (which I won’t start till NaNo. At least…. that’s the plan)

I’m still beyond happy, and maybe just a tiny bit proud that I pushed through and finished it.

Because it feels so good.

I cried. Lots of times. I hated my book too, hated it because I knew it would never amount to anything.

Who cares if Steve Laube was intrigued?

I hated it.

But this story, this story of a princess and a pirate was a story that on January 12 just fell on me and crushed the breath from my lungs. It was a story that had to be told.

My writing journey had to be stopped when I was twelve. It wasn’t till I was eighteen that the light turned green, and with OYAN I have been on a very fast ride.

I’ve learned so much, grown so much.

And I have finished a story.

My story.

When I hold the print copy of my work in my hands, I’m sure I will cry.

I’ve traveled hundreds of miles, had late nights, and worked to be where I am now. And this book might become something, it might not. But it is mine.  Ariel and Captain Hook are people of my imagination, and their journey is one that no one else has thought of, and one the world hasn’t seen.

Friends, never give up on your writing dream. What you have to say matters. Don’t listen to people tell you that it doesn’t. I had this happen to me, and I threw away so much work and cried for days.  

Your story is unique, because the Author of it loves you.

The story He has given you, shouldn’t be locked up.

2 thoughts on “The Epic Journey”

  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL post, Rebecca, and such a wonderful reminder! I approve of the pizza eating. 😉

    CONGRATULATIONS! *sparkles and glitter and unicorns and everything happy* You’ll have to send me pictures of the finished product. 😀


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