The Power of Stories

Stories have power.

Lots of it.

Jesus himself used stories to teach us. Why? Because He knew how we as humans crave stories and how we sometimes learn best from them.

Why do we crave stories?

In our hearts, we crave for something more, something greater. A hero to stand up and do what we sometimes cannot. We share his struggles, because we can relate and we love him all the more for it. The heroes we admire and love change our perception of the world, and influence, whether we realize it or not, our daily decisions.

The Lord of the Rings is a story that had tremendous power over me. I walked with Frodo first when I was 13 and many times since then. I was with him every step of the way to Mordor, shared his struggles, shared his tears, and through Frodo I found God in a story about a Hobbit trying to destroy a ring. Gandalf’s wisdom is sometimes what I crave, what I need to hear, because he’s speaking through Frodo to me that even I can find hope in the darkest of times.

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With Lucy, I found Aslan and found that God is indeed a mighty lion, and He is mine. That He loved Eustace enough to let him turn into a dragon, so Eustace could find Him, and in Him, completion.

dragoneye.jpg                                           Source


In Beauty and the Beast, I found that love looks beyond the faults of a person. Much like Jesus loves us as we are–when we choose Him, accept Him as our Savior, we are no longer beasts, but men again.  And despite my own physical problems marring my skin, that the Belles in my life look beyond so trivial a thing.

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Through Rynnaia in Eyes of E’veria, a lonely aching girl all those years ago found a God who loved her. My copy is worn from many readings, and still I go back for a story of love, redemption, loss, and sacrifice.

Stories have the power to touch our souls deeply and powerfully. We as writers have that power in our fingertips. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. 

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