Jack the Giant Slayer Movie Review

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Jack the Giant Slayer.

How did I not know this movie existed?

Did I love this movie? Yes. Yes. And Yes. What isn’t good with Obi Wan? I mean, come on. And what movie isn’t good that is based on a fairy tale?

Jack the Giant Slayer had a very well written plot and story line. It follows Jack, just an ordinary farm boy whose uncle wants him to sell the horse for thatch to fix their roof. Simple, right?


A monk in town persuades Jack to give him the horse in exchange for some beans, telling him the church will give him money for them.

Now, unknown to poor Jack, these beans are magical beans, created hundreds of years ago by besotted monks trying to reach heaven.

Apparently they never read the story of the tower of Babel.

The beans lead to a land of man-eating giants who came down to earth and started eating and pillaging. Until King Erik made a magic crown and sends them back to their land in the sky.

Fast-forward to Jack, who takes the beans home; that night, in a thunderstorm, water gets to the beans. A beanstalk grows, going through the house and taking the house with it.

But also in the house is Isabelle, the princess of Cloister, who had run away from the palace in search of adventure, and had taken shelter from the storm in Jack’s house.

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Characters: The movie has strong characters that you can connect with.  Jack himself grows as a person. It’s kind of his fault that the beanstalk grew, and the ensuing result that Isabelle, the princess, was taken. He sets about to right his mistake. Jack also hates heights. Despises them. But he puts his fear aside to climb a beanstalk and right the wrong he did.

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Language: Three bad words.

Other content: Isabelle has a low-cut dress, in a scene that is all of two minutes. Some of the battle scene might be disturbing for younger children. — i.e. the giants eat people. We can see a man in the distance getting his head bit off.

At the heart of this riveting tale is what we love most about fairy tales — love, courage, and friendship, and that even the smallest person can do anything.  What a farm boy or a prince can do when the girl he loves is in danger.

Happily ever after doesn’t come about because Jack or Isabelle were lucky, or because some fairy sprinkled fairy dust on them. It came about by Isabelle and Jack putting each other ahead of themselves. It came about through sacrifice and loss.

And this is why we love fairy tales.

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