News & An Update

Hey guys. How’s everyone in the writing world? I’ve come out my Hobbit-hole of studying Psychology (a subject I would dearly love to throw into Mount Doom) to give some exciting news.

About two months ago, I filled out an application to be a board member for Illuminate YA (an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas). I have found out that I was accepted! I am so excited. 🙂 I’ll read and evaluate YA books that are in the process of publication, vote on potential book covers, and contribute marketing ideas, among other things.

My position will only be for a year, but I’m so excited for the opportunity and experience this will bring. A double bonus is that Tessa Emily Hall is involved in this, and I admire her and her writing a lot. You can read my review on her book Unwritten Melody here.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to see the Beauty and the Beast movie with my mom, so I’ll definitive give you a review on it.

I went shopping Tuesday, and bought….














My Little Mermaid retelling is at 44,057 words. I’m making plans to start cooking with Caribbean style food to get a taste of the culture. Marissa Meyer inspired me to do this, as it is what she did while writing Scarlet.

I’m also working on a short story to submit to Splickety which I’ve sent into the hands of friends. *cringes* Such a hard thing to do, but it’s also a good feeling, because I trust and love my friends and want to hear their opinion. I know I put my baby into good hands. 😊

I’m also getting my writing polished for the OYAN Summer Workshop, and for my appointment with Steve Laube *cringes again.* So I’m one busy girl whose head is near to bursting with many things to do.

Currently Reading (in my few spare minutes): Winter and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. I’m re-reading the first two Harry Potter books just to see Jim Kay’s illustrations (which by the way, are gorgeous). Who else likes to read books just to take in the pictures?

So what’s up in your neck of the woods? I love to hear from my readers!

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