Shadows of the Hersweald Blog Tour

Hey everyone! As promised, here is my part of Hope Anns Blog Tour for her newest release Shadows of the Hersweald. I’m sorry for that early email that went out when it wasn’t supposed to. Don’t know what happened there. Sometimes technology thinks it knows what you want.



Shadows of the Hersweald 9(1)


~ Interview ~

Do you write by hand or on the computer? The computer, almost all the time. I’ll jot down notes on paper and then transcribe them to idea documents and files. When it comes to my stories, I type them out straight away. The only thing I sometimes write by hand is the random piece of poetry that I keep for my eyes only.

Is your writing inspired by other authors? Well, I have a friend who isn’t published yet, but I’m reading one of her books right now as she writes it and I absolutely love it. The characters, descriptions, emotions, theme and plot… it’s lovely. It’s better than a number of published works I’ve read and I’ve been learning a lot just by reading her stuff. She is probably my greatest inspiration when it comes to writing.

What does your writing day look like? I get up around 6:00 and start writing around 7:00 in the morning. I get an hour of writing done before breakfast. After breakfast and school, around 10:00-10:30, I start writing again and work for another hour. After lunch, starting at 1:00ish or so, I sit down for another hour of writing. Then I’ve chores, work, blogging stuff… Sometimes I’ll get a fourth hour of writing in before supper, sometimes after supper. Then, around 8:30ish, I’ll generally word war with a friend for around an hour. On a good day, I’ll get around five hours of writing in, but sometimes it will only be around three or four.

Thanks for stopping by! Here are the other stops if you are interested!

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