Wordcount Wednesday

I haven’t done a good job keeping up with this, mostly because I have such little time to write and my word count doesn’t get very high as fast as I like. But hey,  I’ve finally got it through my thick skull that that doesn’t matter, really, (unless my snail process drives y’all crazy) because I’m where God wants me, and that’s really all that matters.

Beauty and the Beast retelling ~ I started edits on this, and I’m going by pages on this, because there doesn’t seem to be a better way to track it. So far, I’ve done 29 pages out of 137. I’m happy with the pace I’m going at, though I do have a sense of urgency because  I want to finish it up and have it sent to friends to critique. I was hoping to have edits done by now, but it’s not gonna happen, and that’s okay.

Retelling The Little Mermaid ~ This is at 33, 733 words. This has come a long way  since my last Wordcount Wednesday. I bought a large poster board and drew out my world’s map. I’ve also made seven character sheets, filled with details about my characters. Strangely, believe it or not, I’ve never made these before. These sheets have been so helpful–I’ve had to glance back at them several times. I really don’t know how I wrote so long without them. They’ve been invaluable.

So friends, how’s your writing looking this week?

See you next Wednesday.




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