~Wordcount Wednesday~

Hey friends. It’s time for another Writing Wednesday! I know I missed last week, but sickness and college kind of took the will-power out of me to post, even though I love doing Writing Wednesday.

Beauty and the Beast ~ I’ve finally started edits on this, I just couldn’t look at it on my shelf and leave it only anymore. I’ve scrapped the beginning and started over.

Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, who is ready for the new movie? I’m super excited for it and am on pins and needles. Have some pictures.









Retelling The Little Mermaid ~ This is at 21,861 words. I’m loving this story every day. Lately I’ve been working on the geography and cultures of my lands– it’s taking a lot of brainstorming, and with college I haven’t had much time for it, but things seem to be falling into place, and now I’m just filling in my binder.



1Β 2 3 4

After much debating, I have decided to put my Rapunzel retelling on hold. Writing three stories at once is a lot for anyone, and with college thrown into the mix, I just can’t devote the time I would like to to this story. Tangled is most definitely my favorite movie, so I shall enjoy that, (I watched it today by the way πŸ™‚ ) and someday I will write my own story of a girl with long golden hair, love, and sacrifice.

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