Meraki Literary Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are fun. You pay a  little each month, and get a box of little goodies.So when my author friend, Alicia Willis, started her own literary subscription box, I knew I had to give it a try.


There are different options you can subscribe to– you can get chocolate, tea, or coffee with your box, but I choose the no food box option. Each box comes with pens, stationery, paper, or just about anything you writing heart desires.

~ What was inside ~




I totally forgot that I wasn’t going to open anything till I had more pictures taken–whoops. 🙂 



Can I just say that these came at the perfect time? I need labels for the tabs of my binder, and now I have some–and pretty ones that my girlish heart loves.










20170209_095316 (1).jpg


Sorry for the glare, but who can resist a doughnut eraser?








20170209_095351 (1).jpg


Be still my beating heart. Glitter. Teal paper clips. Adorable push tacks. **fans self.**




20170209_095406 (1).jpg


You can never have too many notebooks. 🙂 










We always have that one book that needs protection. I now have a cover to protect said book.




Like what you see? Want you own box? Sign up here to get yours today!



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