~ Wordcount Wednesday ~

Wordcount Wednesday is here again, where I tell you how my writing is going.  I had to take a rain check on last week because I had a test I needed to study for.

Beauty and the Beast retelling ~ Draft 1 still currently sits at 24,607 words. It still sits upon my shelf and I’ve left it alone. Frankly, I forgot about it, being wrapped up in my retelling of The Little Mermaid. 



Retelling The Little Mermaid ~ This is currently at 14, 294. I’m not going as fast as I was at first, but it is still a story near and dear to me. I’m brushing up on the sea and re-reading the original fairy tale, which is much more depressing than the Disney movie let on.

Who loves buying inspiration? I’m already a sucker for those cute Funko Pops, so it wasn’t so hard to convince myself that I really did these for writing. 🙂


Retelling Rapunzel sits at 669 ~ Sort of at a standstill on this one.  I’m trying to use the Snowflake Method to work out all the kinks that need fixing so I can get this show on the road. Haven’t bought any inspiration for this yet, but I do owe myself another Tangled movie night.

How’s your writing?

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