Beauty & the Beast Trailer

The official Beauty and the Beast trailer is here! My favorite fairy tale (I have about six or so boards on Pinterest) with an amazing cast of favorite actors is hitting the big screens March 17th. I cannot contain my excitement (I may or may nor have watched the trailer three or four times) Are you excited?  What do you think? What’s your favorite fairy tale? 

2 thoughts on “Beauty & the Beast Trailer”

  1. I’m SO excited for this movie!! I enjoy a lot of the actors in it, too, and OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S SO EXCITING!!!! I’ve been waiting for this movie for years! 😀



    1. I have been waiting many long years with you Liv! I watched the animated so many times I had it memorized. This movie looks so beautiful from the trailer, and I could cry with it’s beauty (no pun intended!)


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