A Time to Speak Book Review

I should be studying for my American history test so this post will be quick.

Last night, I read two hundred pages to finish A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes. With every turn of the page, I knew I should stop or I’d get a headache (too much reading does that to me) but I just couldn’t put it down. Each word was just too powerful for me to stop.


So I kept reading.

Also, I’m a huge football girl, and last night was the national championship, but I didn’t watch it, I had no clue of who was winning till I was finished and there was 14 seconds left  in the game.


This book really spoke to in so many ways. How I want to be more than a name, and how I want to do things for Christ through my writing. Books like these have changed me and helped me grow closer to Him, and I want to do the same for someone else.

When I did finish all I could do was wring my heads and say “Oh, my goodness, Solomon and Parvin, Solomon and Parvin.” Yes, my brothers rolled their eyes, but I expected nothing less. 😉  But that’s all I could gasp into words.

I’m so glad I got book 3 for Christmas. Here’s hoping for another 200 page marathon.  Except I should study but….. Parvin and Solomon…. I love them so much. I must read more. I need to know what happens to them.

Characters 5/5 I love how Nadine captured the love and emotion of Parvin and Solomon. It feels so real and genuine, I could almost touch it.  I wanted to cry when they cried, because it felt like they were in the room with me.

Plot 5/5 Fast paced and gripping. Seriously gripping. I would think that Parvin ad Solomon might finally have a break but…disaster. This was part of the reason why I could not put it down.

Want to read/ability: 5/5 I mean, if I could not realize a football game was on, this book is a must read.

Bad Language:  None

Inappropriate Content: None

Overall rating 5/5  I loved this book so much, my favorite part being again, Solomon and Parvin.

Have any of y’all read Nadine’s books? What did you think?

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I have a board for the A Time to Die series which you can find here.


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