One Year Adventure Novel

What makes a story a story?

Those opening lines greeted me for seventy-eight lessons of the One Year Adventure Novel writing course. Starting out, I didn’t know the answer, I just knew I didn’t know where to start with my novel. But I had a Compass and I had a Map–very important items when going on an adventure.

And I went on the adventure of a lifetime.

The One Year Adventure Novel opened doors to a community of young writers that I never knew existed, and one that I am so happy to be a part of. Mr. Daniel, my teacher, taught everything in such a fun way and I loved learning from him. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher, or a better mentor.

I had taken at least three writing curricula and each only left me more frustrated than the one before; I despaired of ever writing.  But he taught everything in a clear way that was easy to understand. I enjoyed, no loved, every lesson.

From July 27, 2015, to today, March 7, 2016, I went on the adventure of a lifetime. As the camera panned out on the desk of my last lesson today and the desk closed, I felt a small sense of loss; that it was over. But the adventure isn’t over, really, it has just began.

Like Bilbo, running out of his house crying, “I’m going on an adventure!” That is where I’m at. Ready to run and shout, because a Middle-Earth awaits me and my adventure. It’s going to start in Kansas this summer, my own unexpected journey. 

I had my own Smaug to conquer, my own Erebor to climb, and with this curriculum,  I did.


Mr. Daniel helped me see the story in me, and how to bring it out. And I can never thank him enough for that. 

My books are worn from use, but they were used with love and joy. Love that I could write the story filling my heart and soul.

Thank you to the Author of my story and for the story You have put in me.

And some thanks maybe should go to John Boy Walton, because he is the one who sparked an eight-year-old with the desire to write.

John-Boy W.


I know what makes a story, a story.

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