Top 10 Villains


AuthoressofLight tagged me to list my top ten favorite villains.

Sounds like fun! So here goes…….



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This post shall be a mixture of those villains I cannot stand, and those I like, because, admit it, writers and movie producers show us a villain and craft him in such a way that we like him, and maybe end up cheering for him instead of the hero.  ABC’s Once Upon a Time does a pretty good job of doing this. The BBC does this do. And folks, it works.



10.  Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time. Rest assured, Peter is not a favorite villain.  I cannot stand him. Like, at all.  He was pretty cruel and smug. But there was something about his way of speaking that could mesmerize you.



9.  Wickham comes in at nine. I don’t like him either. Wickham is pretty creepy.  Here, the movie producers have Wickham play the, feel sorry for me I’ve been mistreated card.  This worked on me the first time I watched the movie (I had not yet read the book) and it worked on Elizabeth, too.



8.  The White Witch from Narnia. Enough said. She’s not a favorite. No explanation needed.  She is crafty, and gets Edmund on her side at first. Tilda Swinton did a good job in her role and her acting was brilliant. 



7.  No one likes Saurman, no one likes a traitor. Sir Christopher Lee did a very good job in his acting the part of a villain.  In The Hobbit movies, his acting was brilliant again, because we know that at this time he was turning traitor. 



6.  Coming in at six is Moriarty. You had to have known he would make this list. Moriarty. He is creepy. He is funny. And yet, the BBC has crafted him to where  he is a villain you like.  I’m not so sure I’m on board with this, but yeah, he makes this list.  Andrew Scott does a very good job of playing his character.



5.  Rumpelstiltskin.  Again, some one who you had to know would make this list. He is defiantly creepy and so funny.  You probably liked him before you learned his backstory. Here, ABC did a good job of getting you to like the villain. I liked Rumple up until season 4 of OUAT, which is where I currently am.  Rumple is really making me mad, so I don’t really like him anymore. We will see what happens, but Rumple plays the part of the villain, but expects to be rewarded like a hero.



4.   Vortigern form Merlin’s Blade.  I mean, he killed the High King, so he is really a nasty guy.  King Arthur is one of my favorite parts of England’s history, so I have a lots of reason not to like this character. But for some reason, I sort of like him and the character he has played. Now, granted, I have only read the first book but still…..



3. Kylo Ren. This villain, I like as well.  With the little you see of Kylo Ren, you feel sorry for him.  I like this villain and Adam Driver’s amazing acting made me like his character even more.

 Adam Driver


2. Cobeld from The Remedy by Serena Chase.  He is a well written character who also plays the feel sorry for me card. I fell for him when Rynnaia first met him…that is until I learned who he really was.  But he is still a well-written villain. And as no Hollywood producer has made these wonderful books into movies, for this villain I have to post the book cover. I have a board on Pinterest for these books, but I have not found a picture yet to do Cobeld justice. At least, not as how I picture him.



1. Coming in first is Captain Hook.  Hook was a villain in the early seasons of Once Upon a Time.  A dashing rapscallion pirate villain, that yes, I liked.  Who, by the way,  is devilishly handsome. Currently where I’m at in season 4, he isn’t a villain anyone. That may change,  (no spoilers please!) but for now,  Killian is a former likable villain of mine. And I like him even better for his character change.




Picture Sources:  Peter Pan, Wickham, Moriarty, Saurmon, Rumple, Kylo RenKillian Picture in Collage, Killian, White Witch

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Villains

  1. These are some great pics! I love Saruman, Jadis, Rumpel, Hook, Wickum, and Kylo as villains. ^ ^ For my personal list I’d add Ozai from Avatar the Last Airbender, Smaug the Terrible from the Hobbit, and Orochimaru from Naruto. 🙂


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