The Choice



Frodo had a choice, to take the ring to Mordor or go home.

Edmund had a choice, to go to the White Witch or not.

Heroes from stories always had choices to make. Some difficult and some not so difficult. Their quest, riddled with dilemmas and choices, for good or evil had to be made. Sometimes they made the right choice, and sometimes not.

The movie In the Heart of the Sea, was a movie I was looking forward to. I love the sea, ships, and sailing so much and wanted to see it in live action. Everything I saw on the Internet before the official release was praising the movie saying how good it was. I believed it, without once second guessing that Hollywood made this and I should proceed with caution.

Today, I thought about PluggedIn, and how maybe just maybe, I ought to read the review. I went to the site, thinking that the movie was good; everyone said it was, after all. I was crushed to find that it was, in fact, not good at all.

So I had a choice to make. To see this movie or not to see it.

I made the choice not to see the movie. Yes I’m disappointed, very much so, but I cannot support this movie that uses bad language in conjunction with God’s Holy name.

Making choices sometimes is hard, though not always ones like Frodo and Edmund had to make. But choices define us: what we choose to do in any action we partake of, be it reading, listening to music, or watching a movie. What we put into ourselves, stays there and comes out for good or bad and might one day come out in our writing.

As Christians and Word Changers, we should be filling our minds and hearts with God- honoring material. He and others are watching the choices we make.

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