Behind the Scenes Writer’s Tag

I was tagged by my friend, Hope, for behind the scenes writer’s tag. Here goes!

~Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?

Only when I hit a road block. Then I walk about my room talking to myself and eating till the light bulb comes on.

~When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?

I used to write in the afternoon. But now I write from ten o’ clock to midnight.

~ Where do you write?

In my bedroom or the living room when everyone is in bed.

~ How often do you write a new novel?

I get new ideas every couple of months. I keep jumbo journals for each idea. When I think of something for that idea, I write it in the journal. I am writing my second novel using the One Year Adventure Novel. From January to June of this year I wrote a 60,000 word novel. But it is in some sad need of editing.

~Do you listen to music while you write?

Oh yes. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sherlock. My favorite is the LOTR. The rising climax of the music helps with battle scenes.

 ~What do you write on? Laptop or paper?

My laptop.

~Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write?

Not really. I just sit down and write. 

~What do you do to get into the mood to write?

I try to get into the feeling of the words. Get into my MC head and feel what he is feeling and think what he is thinking. Listening to music helps too.

  ~What is always near the place you write?

 My desk, colored pens, and the map of my country.  

~Do you have a reward system for your word count?

Not really since I write at night. But I reward myself the next day with Pinterest, a special snack, or an episode of Once Upon a Time or Merlin. But the TV reward doesn’t happen very often. 

 ~Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about?

 I use a site called Pacemaker to help me stay on pace with my book.

I go from loving my book to hating it. Probably every writer does. But, in the memorable words of Samwise Gamgee, even darkness must past and when it does the sun will shine out all the clearer. Usually when the sun comes out I can’t type fast enough! And the reward for pushing through is usually so worth it! Writing is hard, but so worth the blood, sweat and tears!  

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